JGL Responds to ‘Doctor Strange’ Rumors


Yesterday, we reported that Marvel was considering casting Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the Sorcerer Supreme in the upcoming (sometime) production of Doctor Strange. The news was broken by Latino Review, but there was no comment from Gordon-Levitt and his camp as to whether or not there’s been any reaction to what is still, essentially, a rumor.

Well, Gordon-Levitt’s management team gave a simple two word answer to the rumor through Huffington Post: “Not true.”

Fair enough. We’re a little far afield from actually casting a Doctor Strange movie, because we don’t even have a script, a director or even a release date or confirmation that the project will be a part of Marvel Phase 3. If you’d like to see JGL as Doctor Strange though, take heart, because this isn’t a “No-way, Jose!” it’s just a “No, this rumor isn’t true.”

Still, would you Bastards like to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Doctor Strange? Sound off below.

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