I would like to say this is a candid video, just two dudes who ran into each other on a back lot and started talking about killing zombies. I said I’d like to, in reality it looks like AMC is using former movie maker, now hockey jersey model Kevin Smith as the promotional juggernaut for the forthcoming fourth season of The Walking Dead.

Smith hosts two (in what appears to be of many) behind the scenes videos, the first one centers on Norman Reedus and his characters weapon of choice.

Next, Smith talks with Lauren Cohan about her weapon of choice… the power of love! Ok, really it’s about her marriage to Glenn at the end of season 3, but still love is a powerful weapon.

And speaking of Glenn and Maggie, EW just posted a pic from a season 4 promotional shoot featuring Cohan and Steven Yeun practicing CPR, a valuable skill in a zombie apocalypse I am sure we can all agree.

“It’s in a really safe place, they’re in a good groove, living as close to what normal life should be,” says Yeun. “Whatever you can call that in this world.”


Is it bad that part of me wanted zombies to rush Smith and Reedus in the first clip, forcing Reedus to give Smith a good old fashioned Otis to the knee? Nothing personal against Kevin Smith, I just think it would have punched the scene up a little.

The Walking Dead returns to TV  October 13th.

Source: and Entertainment Weekly

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