By now, it’s a done deal and we know for sure no classic Doctors will be appearing in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special. Sure, it’s kind of a bummer, but as Steven Moffat points out, there’s really no way an 11 Doctor reunion could happen.

Speaking with EW, Moffat said,

You’ll have to watch, won’t you? People say, “Are you going to do the 11 Doctors?” We can’t do 11 Doctors! Three of them are dead!

What we’re not doing is the traditional massive reunion. It’s a different kind of anniversary, and the spine of that is David and Matt.

Which, as much as my Whovian hearts wanted past Doctors to be included in the fun someway, somehow, I completely understand where Moffat is coming from. Were they to try and include every classic Doctor, even those dead ones, it would come off as cheap and hacky. Umm… unlike when they included classic Doctors, even the dead ones, in the Series 7 Part 2 finale, “The Name of The Doctor.”

Well, I guess if they did it once we can’t really expect them to do it again, right? Oh who cares, we’re all too excited to see Tennant and Smith together anyway.

The Doctor Who 50th anniversary special is expected to air, unsurprisingly, on Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary, November 23rd later this year.

Source: Doctor Who TV

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