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The land of Hollywood is one incestuous place and this has only become worse with the rise of the super hero film.  Rumors abound of what production companies may or may not be snatching up what actors, and much of the time they seem to revolve around stealing said actors away from other, competing super-hero producing studios.  This time around, Aaron Eckhart, in a recent interview with Nuke the Fridge, has hinted at the possibility of working with Marvel in the future.

Best known in geek circles for playing Harvey Dent/Two-Face over at the Warner Bros. camp, Eckhart certainly has the geek-cred to play most any comic role they give him and still maintain support from the fans.  As a valuable, audience-drawing asset, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Marvel was trying to grab him up

Check out the interview below to hear a little of what Eckhart has to say about living in the super hero genre:

Well, he did mention that Marvel may be interested… but other than that, there’s really nothing there.  Marvel may be thinking about using him, but the when, where and what-not of it isn’t even on the table yet.  You may all return to your normal dose of reality now.


Thanks to screenrant for the heads-up.

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