After years of development hell, projects in eternal limbo and just a general inability to get their crap together; you have to wonder if Warner Bros. will ever successfully bring Wonder Woman to the big screen. I still say the Amazonian princess would be an ideal next step in developing this DC cinematic universe they keep thinking they can launch sometime soon.

Will we ever get a big budget WW movie? Who knows, but thankfully filmmakers like Leo Kei Angelos are on hand to show us just how good a movie about the royal Themysciran ass-kicker could be. Check out this amazing four and a half minute fan film, First Impressions.

Tell me you wouldn’t watch the crap out of that for 90+ minutes? Honestly, WB/DC why is it so hard for you to make non-Batman movies? We have mostly forgiven you for Green Lantern at this point, but you really have to get back into the game here.

via: The Mary Sue

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