First of all, “Emerald Knights” is a thing, right? I mean, I remember reading that in a comic book at some point in reference to the dynamic duo of Green Arrow and Green Lantern. Or maybe it isn’t. But if you intend on re-using it, please credit me.

Anyway, the reason for all that preamble is that in discussion on who from the DC Comics universe might find their way into the TV world of Arrow in the upcoming second season, the man who would be Speedy, actor Colton Haynes, let slip a possible answer.

While talking to Flicks and the City, Haynes said, “There’s going to be some new characters, I’m sure you guys have read, that are going to be joining, some very very well known characters that have been in prior movies so I think it’s going to be exciting to see.

Prior movies,” he says. Who could he possibly mean? Batman? Superman? Jonah Hex? Naw, the safe money’s on Green Lantern’s Hal Jordan, who, in the comics anyway, is Oliver Queen’s BFF. So the question then becomes, how, if at all, will Arrow, a very realistic take on the Green Arrow, approach the whole thing with the Green Lantern ring and space aliens and the like? Maybe Hal Jordan will just be a cocky fighter pilot that likes the cut of Oliver’s jib, that is to say if it’s Hal Jordan at all.

Maybe we’ll get some more hints at the upcoming Arrow panel at Comic Con, in the meantime, let’s get the lowdown from Haynes himself in the full interview from Flicks and the City.

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