According to Deadline, SDCC will be offering fans their first one-on-one look at the “Elvis” of Kaiju: Godzilla (Gojira), King of the Monsters, as rendered by Legendary Pictures for their upcoming version of the classic film.

Comic-Con will be transforming a section of downtown San Diego into a devastated Tokyo street scene–a mini theme-park they’re calling the Godzilla Encounter:

We wanted to do something for the fans to give them a look at the legacy of Godzilla and a sense of the movie

Says Legendary president Jon Jashni.

The image above is the new Godzilla himself–the Monster King you’ll get to see personally at SDCC. I, for one, am quite pleased with the design–though I would have given a thumbs-up to ANYTHING that helped me forget Roland Emmerich’s 1999 abortion…..

Source: Geek Tyrant

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