After District 9 was almost universally beloved by critics and moviegoers alike, I figured director Neill Blomkamp would have been on the fast track for a sequel. But that wasn’t the case, seeing as it’s been four years since District 9 released and we’re only now weeks away from Blomkamp’s second feature film, Elysium.

While the director’s been making the press rounds to promote Elysium, he’s been dropping details left and right about the status of a District 9 sequel, tentatively known as District 10, as well as the smaller, more original projects he’s got on the docket, like Chappie and Mild Oats. Wired profiled the director, and here I’ve got a few highlights collected by The Playlist,

He and Tatchell have written an 18-page treatment for District 10—about which he’ll say little more than that the story is “really fucking cool”—but he’s not prepared to commit to it. He’s sure he’ll come up with any number of other really fucking cool ideas he might want to pursue first.

Chappie, Blomkamp says, is about sentience: “If something is as smart as you, do you treat it differently if it isn’t a human?” He’s cowriting Chappie with Tatchell, who describes the script as laugh-out-loud funny but also emotional. “It’s fairly touching,” Blomkamp confirms. “But, you know, fraught with gunfire.

Blomkamp wants to show off a prop from Mild Oats, a low-budget movie he’s developing that he describes as “somewhere between John Waters and Jackass.” He removes a panel from a nearby wooden crate, uncharacteristically giddy. “You should be scared,” he warns. He’s right: The crate houses a 3-foot-tall, photo-realistic silicone puppet rocking a mullet and jailhouse tattoos. The deranged redneck stands completely naked, revealing six nipples and a prodigious, uncircumcised penis. The character’s name, Marvin, is inked on said organ in gothic lettering.

I’m intrigued by Chappie as I’d find Blomkamp’s take on the whole A.I. thing fascinating. And, y’know, gunfire is cool. In movies that is. It’s definitely not cool off the silver screen. And Mild Oats, well, that sounds, umm… interesting? What do you think? Are you just itching for District 10?

In order to work on these passion projects other opportunities had to be refused, like Star Wars: Episode VII. And honestly, as wicked awesome as Blomkamp’s vision of the Star Wars universe would be, I can’t blame him. Blomkamp doesn’t come off like a director who’d want to play with someone else’s toys in someone else’s sand box. Wired reports Elysium producer Simon Kinberg approached Blomkamp about the possibilty of tackling Star Wars, but he turned it down, likely citing all these other movies he has in mind.

So there’s Elysium opening August 9th, then Blomkamp begins filming Chappie, followed by Mild Oats, maybe? Then, if ever, District 10. Busy, busy Blomkamp.

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