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[Editor’s Note: Manny Lozano is one of Nerd Bastard’s embedded, roving, San Diego Comic Con journalists who will be pounding the convention center floor all weekend to bring you the very best Comic Con has to offer. From panels to the showroom to the off-site entertainment, we’re covering it all. First stop, Liongate’s Ender’s Game Experience!]

The Ender’s Game Experience at this year’s Comic Con brings you into the fantastic sci-fi world of the action film based on the best selling novel by Orson Scott Card, which lands in theaters this November 1st.

The exhibit showcases a variety of props from the film, including weapons and gadgets, as well as pieces of the actual sets from the Battle School in which much of the film is set. Several of the costumes worn by the film’s lead actors were also on display. Stars Asa Butterfield and Hailee Steinfeld were both on hand to kick off the festivities.

After walking through the exhibit, Con goers can enter to win a 3D printer like the one featured in the film and can receive a dog tag to get their picture taken in the Battle Room. I had to indulge.

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The Ender’s Game Experience will be going on throughout the Con so catch it while you can!

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