Entertainment Weekly has been on a roll in the last few weeks, releasing several new shots featuring the cast of AMC‘s The Walking Dead. You had to know it was leading up to something bigger and that comes in the form of three collectible covers highlighting Season 4 and new details on the show. Not a bad way for Robert Kirkman and company to promote the final push to San Diego Comic Con.

Featuring a cover story on the upcoming season, with executive producer Greg Nicotero revealing that Season 4 will premiere with 150 walkers, each collectible cover will be sought after in some way. If you’re a fan of Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus or an amazingly more mature Chandler Riggs, each cover is going to be worth it. Check out each cover after the jump, get an insider look at the new threat to the survivors, new characters and more.

My oh my, just look at how Carl has grown. This isn’t the same kid we were all introduced to back in Season 1, and while the series itself will only see a small time jump, Chandler, like all child actors, still ages at a regular pace. And while that’ll be great for the teenage girls in the audience, it could spell disaster for the future of his character. It’s no secret Kirkman is the Joss Whedon of his universe and will kill a fan favourite at a moment’s notice, but according to executive producer and new show runner, Scott Gimple, the real threat is going to be who’s writing the scripts.

The new threat is something you can’t just stab in the face. You can’t talk sense to it. You can’t make a truce with it. It’s beyond all that. It would be a threat in any world, but in this world it is much more terrifying.

In the article Gimple leads into that quote by saying the threat is located inside the walls of the prison, leading many to believe this new threat is disease. With hospitals no longer sustainable and medicine running low it’s bound to happen, thank god for new characters.

Lawrence Gilliard, Jr. actor. Season 4, The Walking Dead.

For the past two seasons if someone was injured you went to Herschel, but his training was as a veterinarian so his knowledge on human medicine was limited. Now a new character, another known to fans of the comic book series, is being introduced. Described as a “former Army medic,” Bob Stookey, as played by Larry Gilliard Jr., will already be around by the time the new season comes our way, having been found by Daryl Dixon about a week before the events of Season 4.

Altered slighty from his character in both the comics and the prequel novels Gimple said:

I think he’s seen things go bad over and over, and winding up in this stable place doesn’t shake him from his experience. He struggles with that. You can see there’s something deeper and darker that’s going on with this character, just from the first episode, we don’t really know what it is. We just know he’s got some issues that he’s dealing with.

With AMC hosting a panel at SDCC this Friday you can bet the questions are going to flow, but before then, many fans will have a chance to see the prison – though a much smaller, more convention friendly prison.


Taken by an individual from inside the convention, this display of the survivor’s home is being steadily constructed on the convention floor. It’s currently unknown who took the photo, as the link from Bleeding Cool went belly up, but for those that will get to actually be there chances are it’ll have something to do with Walking Dead fan signings and previews of Season 4. For those of us unable to attend at least there’s a chance to create the ultimate zombie defense vehicle to be unveiled by Kirkman later this year.


Called “The Walking Dead: Chop Shop by Hyundai.” the app, currently available only on IOS or through WalkingDeadChopShop.com, will allow players to pick one of three Hyundai sponsored vehicles. Once chosen you can outfit your car with various weapons using points you start off with to survive any zombie encounter, gaining extra points by answer trivia on the Walking Dead series. And once your car is complete, you put it on display where it is scored based on defense, offense, speed, and stealth.

However, if you’re really looking for a challenge enter your car in the contest, Robert will select a winner and if yours is chosen, it will actually be created and put on display during New York Comic Con.

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