Warner Bros. has a quest of generating as many Bat-bills as it possibly can, but with Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy come and gone, what is the studio to do? There’s no doubt there will be more Bat-films, but the question is: how soon and in what approach? Will they stay in the beloved and bankable Nolanverse or will they look for something a little more beyond?

Well, its funny I should mention the word “beyond”, because there’s a rumor floating out there that may satisfy fans. Batman on Film is toting that an adaptation of the 90’s cartoon Batman Beyond is being considered.

Now, I’m an old bastard who still thinks 1990 was 10 years ago. For you kiddies who missed out on the greatest era in animation domination, Batman Beyond was a spin-off of Batman: The Animated Series (from even earlier in the 90s). It was set something like 70 years in the future, where Bruce Wayne was old and fragile. While old Bruce hung up his Bat tights (after being pummeled to near death by a futuristic Joker gang) he took under his wing a troubled teen by the name of Terry McGuinnis. Giving him enough start up capital, adequate training, and a super high tech Batsuit, McGuinnis took up the mantel of Batman. The new Batman fought crime in a futuristic Tron-esque Gotham.

Batman on Film doesn’t go into in any great detail on whether a Batman Beyond film is seriously in motion. More or less that it’s an idea kicking around the Warner Bros. offices.

Optioning a BB film seems a no brainer. It’s a easy way to market and bank on a new set of Batman inspired films, without putting in jeopardy the pedestal in which the primo franchise stands on.

If a Batman Beyond film were to see the light of day, I would hope that Warner Bros. treats it in as high regard as the Nolan films. Not in tone, but in care of quality. I can see this being a turn and burn film, while they bide their time with their leading Bat plans.

What say you reader? Would you want to see a Batman Beyond film? Who would you like to see direct and star? Sound off in the comment section below.

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