Max Landis is one outspoken individual, and at times it may have gotten him into a bit of trouble. This time around though, Max may have bit off more than he could chew as the Chronicle writer has been dropped from the upcoming Chronicle 2. Guess being the son of John Landis doesn’t account for jack in Hollywood now.

According to Fox, the studio demanded a rewrite for the sequel’s script as early as last year, which resulted in some disagreements and infighting between Landis and the studio over Landis’s direction for Chronicle 2. With such a standstill the studio had no other choice but to drop the writer/director and in a recent tweet, Landis revealed that he hasn’t been attached to the sequel in for few months,


Josh is in reference to director Josh Trank, currently working on Fox’s Fantastic  Four reboot and also has no involvement with Chronicle 2. Max does go say that he’s “grateful” that 20th Century Fox made the first Chronicle film as close to his script as it was and Chronicle 2 is “still probably happening” and that he had “no real  hard feelings” about his departure. Though, when asked if he would release his script of the sequel Landis was quick to respond saying it would be “disrespectful” to those at Fox, as well as being “probably illegal”.

Chances are he’s right about the legal repercussions of releasing the script, but wouldn’t you like to know how the plots match up and characters change?

Source: Digital Spy

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