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Above: Based on classic Grant Wood painting “American Gothic”, but with a Warner Bros. twist, “Toontown Gothic” by Ian Glaubinger looks to bring back Who Framed Roger Rabbit‘s Jessica and Roger Rabbit. If there were more pieces of work in galleries like this you might see more people actually in galleries. [Comics Alliance]

Hit the jump for The World’s End, beavers and more.


A night out, a few drinks with some old friends, nothing could go wrong, right? An exclusive print for Focus Features by Tommy Lee Edwards of the upcoming The World’s End for San Diego Comic Con, this piece of work will surely be in limited supply. Lucky you if you get your hands on one of these. [XombieDIRGE]


Every top artist in Marvel has drawn her, stealing anything of high value or teasing old Spider-Man, but only Amanda Conner can draw the Black Cat so well. Matching her curves with Amanda’s style, Felicia Hardy knows how to make an entrance, an advantage of being a world traveler. Just make sure you’ve an eye on her at all times, it’d be a shame to see her walk out with a few extra “trinkets” tucked under her arm. [Inuyoku]


Oh Marty, what silly adventures are you and Sean Gordon Murphy getting into now? The pin-up for Back to the Future is almost a hundred percent accurate to the original film, but Sean added a little someone extra to it. See if you can point it out and correct the timeline. [Deviant Art]


You Power Rangers fans are going to love this, a “what if” based on an episode where Kimberly, the first North American pink ranger, was kidnapped to be Lord Zedd’s new queen. A SDCC commission by nebezial, the Rangers may not have fared well against one of their own. Sure would have made Season 2 a whole lot better. [Deviant Art]


Class photos are always weird, even weirder when everyone in the picture is going to be swinging lasers, swords and magic at each other in a few decades. This class photo by Patrick Ballesteros of the future Masters of the Universe is a perfect look at everyone before fame took over. [Geeks are Sexy]


If you’re looking for artwork that can grab a scene you’ll want to see Lee Bermejo. The man’s work, like this commission of Spider-Man lifting some serious weight, is something to behold and worth it if you can get one of your very own. [Nerrrding]


We Canadians are known for a lot of things; the invention of several sports, great beer and a batch of Hollywood heart-throbs, but this sums us up quite nicely. A mash-up of Canadian gold by Zack Newirth including our nation’s beaver, hockey, poutine (Disco fries for our American friends) and Deadpool is a fair representation of my people. Could use some more flair, but Ryan Reynolds doesn’t want to be near Deadpool again. [Herochan]

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