At this very moment the Sherlock panel at San Diego Comic Con is wrapping up. Sadly, I’m not there, and I’m guessing neither are you. But guess what!? Neither are stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. They’re simply too damn busy.

Not ones to leave their fans at Comic Con – or elsewhere, for that matter – hanging, the two recorded separate video messages which were then played at the panel. Entertainment Weekly presented the panel, and because they’re awesome and swell, have uploaded the videos online for us all to enjoy!

And enjoy it you will. Martin’s segment is short, but very sweet. And I love his hobbit-y hair. Benedict has more fun with his, the cheeky bastard, even sharing the secret of how Sherlock survived the fall in “The Reichenbach Fall”!

The video’s not embeddable, so click the image to be taken to EW’s site,


In addition to the video message, fans in attendance of the panel are getting sneak peeks at some footage from the highly anticipated Season 3! As Sherlockology tweets,

They also report the footage being shared at the panel was, “a rough cut, with uncorrected audio, and will not be released online.” Well, bugger. I don’t care if it’s handicam footage filmed guerilla style, I want to see that footage!?

Hopefully, later this evening either EW or PBS will upload the panel in full. Until then, keep it tuned to Nerd Bastards for all your SDCC needs!

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