Okay, I’m not going to pretend I understand anything about this: I know NOTHING about Guardians of the Galaxy, or how the following quote proves anything. So I’m just gonna report:

Clive Russell (Game of Thrones, and the FANTASTIC Neverwhere miniseries) will be appearing in Thor: The Dark World as the Norse God of War, Tyr. Below is an interview Russell gave to Jan Gilbert for Flicks and the City, wherein he states (at 2:15):

I worked with Benicio Del Toro on a scene in which he was meant to be quite angry. Sitting fifteen feet away I couldn’t hear a word he was saying.

Now, it is confirmed that del Toro will be directing Thor 2 AND GotG….and “relatively” confirmed that Russell will be in Guardians as The Collector. Honestly,  that’s the only connection I see–I could be missing something, but I’m not going to claim I understand anything further….


All right, here’s the source of my, and thus my readers’ confusion. I misinterpreted this sentence in the source article:

“Del Toro recently signed up for a multiple movie deal with Marvel, and it seems like Thor 2 will be the first of those out of the gate. According to pretty substantial-seeming rumours, though not yet anything official, his role is that of The Collector, ancient, monomaniacal horder.”

I mistook who they meant when they said “his role”. I thought they were referring to Russell, and to del Toro as the director of these movies. The idea of del Toro as an ACTOR in these films makes a LOT more sense….AND explains how Russell’s comment could be a clue regarding a Thor 2/Guardians connection.


Sorry about that, folks! 😛

UPDATE PART 2: (sigh)

Um….I just confused actor Benicio del Toro with director Guillermo del Toro, didn’t I?


Okay, for the last time–my mistake. Sorry again. Guillermo del Toro has absolutely NOTHING to do with either Thor 2 or Guardians of the Galaxy, and I apologize for misleading readers in such a manner.

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