Now that we are in the thick of San Diego Comic Con the comic book movie news is so thick you can’t cut it with adamantium claws, but it also means we have to keep a Galactus sized grain of salt handy for the non-official news (sorry, that analogy kinda got away from me there.)

The (in)famous Harry Knowles of Ain’t Cool News fame is claiming to have seen a secret ‘corporate document’ from an undisclosed company closely involved with various studios revealing some future releases for 2015. Namely a new Batman movie and the long rumored Justice League film (this mystery document also mentions Ant-Man and a Trolls movie, but we knew about one and don’t care about the other.)

How does that gargantuan grain of salt taste?

Tomorrow (Saturday) Warner Bros. will have their massive two hour panel at SDCC that, according to rumors, should detail the near future of DC Comics on film. Coupling this with the rumor that a sequel to this year’s Man of Steel  being released as early as 2014, is this even a possibility? Are we on the eve of a huge announcement involving a deluge of DC Comics characters on the big screen?  Also, is it necessary to consume salt when faced with rumors? This weekend is going to be killer on my blood pressure.

Source: AICN

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