AMC’s The Walking Dead is currently holding their San Diego Comic Con panel, and while neither I nor you are there, we have been promised to be treated to the Season 4 trailer only moments after it screens for those in Hall H. Yes, any second now. It’s almost here. Wait for it… What’s that? Okay, the trailer is confirmed as making its way through the tubes of the internet as I type.

And –YES, it’s here!! What are you waiting for? Watch, watch,

Excuse me. I think I may have shit my pants, and I know that comes off as really un-ladylike, but did you watch that trailer!? AHHH!!

Words are hard to grasp at the moment, but let’s see what I fish out. First off, it’s so great seeing all those familiar faces in new places. I love the prison, but I’m really tiring of it as a backdrop for the series. Last season’s episode, “Clear” was a breath of fresh air in a season that got a little stale about midway through. And why? Because we ventured away from the prison, away from Woodbury, and all that bullshit. Season 4 looks to include a lot more mini-vacays away from prison life.

Not to say the prison isn’t very much at the center of what’s going down. It is. And more so, the tension that is building within. I think it’s safe to say this will be the prison’s final season, because they’re either going to leave or destroy it.

Something I love about the comics is the focus on survival. Looking for resources, making fortifications, practicing with guns, knives, anything; learning what skills are needed to stay alive in this brave new world. The show hasn’t ignored these things, but they haven’t given the attention to those finer details I’d like to see. It looks like they’re rectifying that with Season 4 as much of this trailer is about survival, not from some outward force, but from starvation, inner turmoil, and of course, zombies. At some point in this trailer, everyone was in peril, and that’s the kind of drama I want to see. Not so much bickering, but more narrow escapes, and yes, more shocking deaths. There were quite a few stunned faces in this trailer and I can’t wait to see what they were looking at.

I’m excited for Rick to play detective, and hopefully stop acting so damn nuts. Oh! And Michonne on a horse!? How can you not love that? Daryl saving a kid and crossbowing a walker in the face. Carol teaching knife class comes off as both deadly and adorable. And Glenn with that machete!? KICK. ASS.

I’m running out of brainpower trying to process how much awesome is within these four and a half minutes. Gimme your thoughts? What had you freaking out the most in the trailer?

AMC’s The Walking Dead returns this fall on October 13th at 9pm.

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