San Diego Comic Con holds a special place for special reasons because so many studios show off projects and teasers, but for Robert Kirkman this year holds a even special-er meaning. (That’s a word, right.) A decade ago Robert started on The Walking Dead comics and over a hundred issues later continues to gain steam. In celebration, Kirkman held a special 10th anniversary panel yesterday.

Prior to that though, during the setup of his Skybound booth, the executive producer of the AMC television series was asked about the show’s only Emmy nomination, which the show recieved for outstanding prosthetic makeup. With its consistent breaking of viewership records for the past three years, Kirkman was asked how the snub from the Emmy’s has affected him,

I’ll take the ratings, I think is what I usually say. It’s a really great time for television. When I hear, ‘Oh, are you upset you didn’t get nominated for an Emmy?’ I’m like, ‘Well, I don’t know, there’s Breaking Bad and Mad Men and Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire. There’s a dozen other shows that are fantastic that I really enjoy. Yeah, I kind of see. It’s really hard to pick the best 20 or so amazing television shows that are out there now. It’s a tough field to be active in, so I get it.

Sounds reasonable, you don’t need a ton of awards in order to be a popular series, just look at Veronica Mars. Read on for a recap of The Walking Dead panel (contains spoilers) and a slew of new images from Season 4.

Running into some technical difficulties on Robert’s end the writer/creator of the series took a moment to thank the fans for ten years of support. Breaking his usual demeanor as a joking individual he was quite serious in his thanks, before quickly turning back to jabs at the audience. Starting off strong with, “As you all know, in the last issue Rick dies,” Kirkman went into answering questions from the crowd.

Here are some highlights from Bleeding Cool‘s recap of the afternoon’s events:

♦Negan will continue to have a pretty unknown back story with snippets being revealed as time goes on.

♦There will be no novels or short-stories featuring Dale to which Kirkman replied “I haven’t had a reason to do a Dale story because he sucks.”

♦Walkers won’t evolve, they will continue to decompose with people learning more about how they change.

♦On the 20th Anniversary, Issue #2 will be released in color.

♦Robert writes everything out in pages.

♦There will be more children introduced after the war.

♦No Daryl Dixon in the comic. (booo)

♦The character of Abraham was supposed to die, the death wasn’t planned until Kirkman rewrote the script

♦Ezekiel’s tiger isn’t going away, according to Robert “If you don’t like it, kiss my butt.”

♦We won’t see what’s going on in other countries.

♦Behind the back of AMC Robert announced there will be new Walking Dead webisodes in the future.

Not a bad way to release some new information, but while we wait for today’s rumored teaser trailer for Season 4 (Oh, it’s not a rumor.) an unknown source has been releasing a ton of new images in promotion of The Walking Dead‘s next season. Thanks to SpoilerTV, The Walking Dead Wiki, and the guys over at The Walking Dead Forums, here are some new images from the AMC series featuring Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Daryl (Norman Reedus), Carl (Chandler Riggs), Hershel (Scott Wilson), and Michonne (Danai Gurira),

From what we can tell the series is going to be a bit more in line with the comics this time around, with the group more adjusted to their surroundings.

What do you think about all this? Could we be seeing more of the comic being inserted into the show once Season 4 has debuted?

Sources: Bleeding Cool, CBM, Blastr

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