veronica mars

Veronica Mars is one of those geek dream stories, where the fans get a return to the world and characters that they love via the magic of Kickstarter.  And with more than $5.5 million pledged, it’s bound to be a decent run at it.  But, many may be asking, is it going to retain all those elements that people grew to love about the show?

At the Veronica Mars San Diego Comic Con panel, star Kristen Bell and director/creative mind behind the series, Rob Thomas, stood in front of fans and told them not to worry, that the movie they’re making will leave fans proud of their donations.  They also made it a point to say that the movie will also be accessible to non-Veronica Mars junkies, thus inviting a new generation to take part.  And, of course, the lucky SDCC crowd got to view a trailer of what’s coming.

We here at Nerd Bastards, unfortunately, do not have that to show you, though you can probably expect it to hit Internet-land before too long.  It’s just a few days before they wrap up filming and post-production begins, so I’m sure we’ll see footage coming at us in the next week or so.


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