So What’s Up With That Hulk TV Show?


The Hulk has had 2 films, an old-school live-action show, many cartoons and a few other iterations. Some of which lasted longer than others, but none truly worked. The character has had modest success in carrying his own story. The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing has been played out, and The Hulk being chased by the military gets boring real fast. Quite simply, The Hulk doesn’t have any worth while story arcs to build a film or show around. Well, actually, there’s the Planet Hulk storyline. That WOULD be awesome, but likely to never happen.

Hulk is an extremely difficult character to translate to film or small screen. Whedon did a incredible job with him as a supporting character who was part of the team in The Avengers. In the grand scheme of things he has never really been a Superhero UNLESS Banner can control the Hulk; and that goes against the premise of “man” dealing with this monster that exists within him.

Anyway, it’s no real surprise why a new Hulk movie is stuck in limbo or long awaited TV show produced by Guillermo del Toro hasn’t passed its page to screen stage. Speaking of the latter, at San Diego’s Comic-Con the head honcho of Marvel TV, Jeph Loeb, spoke about the project.

Loeb told MTV that the project was currently “on pause,” adding that “the world of TV is about timing.” Basically Marvel has to “wait for the right time, the right project, right place.”

Raise your hands if you saw this coming. Timing, my ass. A Hulk TV show is never going to happen. The character is too challenging to adapt to the small screen.

Source: Digital Spy

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