We’ll get some kind of official new details about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 when the panel on the film is joined at San Diego Comic Con later today. In the meantime though, Screen Rant got a chance to interview director Marc Webb and tried to worm some definitive answers in regard to some of the rumors swirling about the film.

As an opener, Screen Rant’s Amy Nicholson asked Webb if Black Cat would have her bad luck powers in the film?

“Hmmm, I don’t even know if Black Cat is in the movie…,” he replied

Deftly deflected. How about whether or not the film ends with the death of Gwen Stacy? Well, the exchange went like this:

Amy: How intense it was shooting [Peter and Gwen’s] final scene?

Webb: Um… whadda mean, the last scene in the movie?

Amy: I’m trying to get you to talk about her death.

Webb: Listen… the world we’re trying to create is… it’s partly obligated to cannon, but you also have to deviate from the cannon occasionally and so the… y’know… Andrew [Garfield] and Emma [Stone] and Peter and Gwen are – I mean, they’re something really joyful and wonderful about that relationship and it’s a lot of that stuff from the first movie [that] will continue in this second movie… [trails off].

I think Amy almost broke Webb there. So let’s talk about something a little less spoilery. For example, the thematic arc for Spider-Man going into this film, what challenges await the web-slinger in this sequel and how will he overcome them?

“Y’know, if the last movie was [asking whether] Peter Parker can be Spider-Man, this movie is about if Spider-Man can be Peter Parker. At the beginning of the movie, he is extraordinarily capable, he is very good at being Spider-Man. There’s a virtuosity there, he’s so confident in the midst of total pandemonium that he may, uh, feel a little too confident and other elements of his life may erode because of that… I’ll say this, [the theme] has something to do with time and the nature of time and the first shot in the movie… it’s a watch… a ticking clock…”

“Ticking clock?” Does that suggest that Spider-Man will team-up with Jack Bauer? I digress, but it does open us up to a segue regarding the over-bloatedness of the film with so many new characters including the confirmed Norman and Harry Osborn, Electro and Rhino to rumored characters like the Black Cat and whoever Sarah Godan is playing. But Webb says relax because he and the writers are playing with creating a bigger universe here and telling a story that can unfold with multiple characters over multiple movies:

“Yes, yeah, listen, part of the fundamental concepts, the conceit of the universe that we’re making is that it started… in that first movie we tease up, for example, Norman Osborn. He was an entity, he was around but you didn’t see him onscreen. That allows you to unfold stories over a longer period of time and so you can create a sort of nuanced and complex world… The Rhino is in the movie for a very short time, because we’re sort of teasing out the possibility of something more interesting happening there.”

Hm. Could Webb be hinting at that Sinister Six rumor? I think we’ve made him sweat enough today, but if you want to watch the whole blow-by-blow, check out the video below:

Source: Screen Rant

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