Weeks ago DC Comics promised that they would outline the future of their comic properties on the big screen and they did not disappoint. While rumors swirled about Justice League and The Flash hitting theaters sometime over the next few years (no, I mean new rumors, not the ones we’ve had for the past decade already), and a possible Batman reboot; there still managed to be a massive surprise from the DC/WB camp.

At the end of the Warner Bros/Legendary panel Man Of Steel director Zack Snyder walked on stage to blow the doors off Hall H. Seizing the podium from moderator Chris Hardwick, Snyder announced “some shit’s going to happen up here,” and then this flashed on the big screen.


As the crowd in Hall H reacted to – and also lost their aforementioned ‘shit‘ – Snyder continued:

“It’s official that we are going to make another Superman movie. And you say, Zack, what is the movie about? But you don’t want me to tell you that. You want to go and see the movie. But I can say that maybe there’s a single element that will be in the film that I could… help you out with. I was thinking about how to do that. I poured through the DC Universe to look for a way to tell this thing. We’re writing the thing now, but I came across a thing I found that’ll help you understand it.”

The Harry Lennix (General Swanwick in Man Of Steel) then read this:

 “I want you to remember, Clark… in all the years to come, in your most private moments, I want you to remember my hand at your throat. I want you to remember the one man who beat you…”

Oh snap, that is a line directly from Frank Miller‘s The Dark Knight Returns! Now, collect your shit a little, since this still untitled movie is not going to be based on Miller’s ground breaking graphic novel, but rather inspired by. To paraphrase Snyder, TDKR will be used as a guide on how to get the two characters into the same movie (and undoubtedly knock the crap out of each other for a few scenes at least).

This movie will also serve as the direct sequel to Man Of SteelHenry Cavill will once again be Superman, Amy Adams will return as Lois Lane, and Laurence Fishburn and Diane Lane will also be back. Snyder is co-writing the story with David S. Goyer and production is expected to begin in 2014, with the movie hitting theaters the summer of 2015.


Source: io9, /Film and just about everyone on Twitter with the tag #SDCC

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