Whether you love or hate Andrew Garfield as our current Spidey, the time will eventually come to say goodbye.

He spoke with USA Today about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and touched on his feelings about reprising the role moving forward. The studio’s got dates already set for the 3rd and 4th instalments of the Amazing Spider-Man franchise, set to be released June 10, 2016, and May 4, 2018, respectively.

Garfield aims to misbehave. Oh, wait, wrong fandom… He has no intention of getting comfortable. Fair enough.

As soon as you’re comfortable with that kind of responsibility and job, then you won’t take it as seriously and you won’t put as much care and attention and effort into it. So I guess I have the intention of not being comfortable.

He says as much as he loves bringing the role of Spidey to life, he also has days where he’d like to watch the film in the audience, watching another actor on the screen.

Will that time come for him soon?

“They might ask me back for No. 3, that would be very nice,” Garfield said. “As far as a No. 4 goes? I will be I think 40 years old at that point. So I don’t know whether it would be appropriate.” (He was joking — he’ll only be 34, with at least a few more web-swinging years before hitting middle age.)

Well, this could mean anything if you read into it enough. Either he’s just joking, he’s decided it’s up to whether the studio wants him to stick around, or he’s debating whether he wants to continue past the third instalment. Paired with his next comment, I suppose we can conclude that he’s been thinking about his options.

The opportunity to step into the suit and step into his shoes is one I relish but it’s a mixed bag,” Garfield said. “I do cherish it, it is a true dream come true, but when the dream becomes a reality, we all know what reality is. Reality is good and bad, reality is flowers and a gravestone. You can’t just have the flowers.”

So, he seems to be saying that he’s got to decide for himself whether it’s worth sticking around based on what he perceives to be the contents of his mixed bag.

What do you guys think, would you like to see Garfield see it through to the end?

Source: USA Today

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