[Editor’s Note: After an exhilarating afternoon of some wild surprises from the Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures Panel and the awesome Catching Fire trailer that debuted within Hall H, Manny Lozano is back from a short rest, refuel, and recharge – himself and his smartphone – to bring you live commentary for FOX’s mysterious panel. We’re expecting them to bring The Wolverine as well as Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, but there’s been several rumors about “something major” being revealed. Footage from Days of Future Past? The much anticipated announcement of the X-Force movie? Another X-Men movie franchise? Whatever it is, in a matter of moments Manny will have the lowdown. Once the panel begins, hit refresh for updates.]

[UPDATE: This has panel has now concluded. Hit the jump for the full, original panel commentary. Up next, MARVEL STUDIOS!]

Geoff Boucher of EW, formerly of L.A. Times, is moderating.



Matt Reeves coming to the stage to talk DAWN OF THE PLANETS OF THE APES. Opens 7/18/2014.

Matt Reeves’ hat makes me think he wants to do a CHILDREN OF THE CORN. #outlander

Coming to the stage: Jason Clarke, Keri Russell, and Andy Serkis.

Serkis: Ceasar is trying to unite the apes in an egalitarian way and retain some of the humanity he was raised in.

Clarke: They’ve hired Cirque and parkour guys to bring these apes to life through motion capture.

Reeves: Knowing where APES will go is good because it’s about psychology and humanity instead of the “how” the story gets there.

What will be presented is unfinished, the ape shots take 10-12 weeks to do.

Ceasar is going to WAR. #beforethedawn



THE WOLVERINE is next. James Mangold on stage.

Mangold: “I wanted to get inside the anger and the rage (of Logan).”


If nothing else #thewolverine will definitely have wall to wall action. Out of control.

Hugh Jackman!

Hugh Jackman is HUGE. Busting out of his shirt.

Hugh promises fans will see “the berserker rage” in full.

The claws and hair have been retooled slightly for this film. For more slicing and dicing action.

With DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, Wolverine will tie Superman for the number of films he’s been in. [And Jackman’s played them all! Right?]

Bryan Singer on stage!

Also DAYS OF FUTURE PAST is going. But a little snippet has been cut together.

#dofp was shot in 3-D. And it seems to center on Logan traveling back in time to fix the past. EVERYONE is back.

On stage! Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Anna Paquin, Halle Berry, Ian Mckellan, Patrick Stewart!

FASSY [Michael Fassbender], Peter Dinklage, J Law [Jennifer Lawrence], James McAvoy, Hugh Jackman!


Also Fassy being Fassy entered in a YOU’RE NEXT mask. Oh hay Evan Peters is here.

And Nicholas Hoult. [Holy shit. It really is everybody!]

Dinklage works the crowd. Keeps it sexy.



And J Law outfit change. [From today’s Catching Fire panel.]

FASSY SHARK SMILE 😀 McAvoy’s first Comic Con!

Singer: “Blending the two casts is very unique experience.”


Ian McKellen feels safe now that gay marriage is legal again. Propositions fassy. GURL GET IT.



Berry: Loves being the earth mother of the group, resonates with her personality.

Paquin: [How it feels to be back?] Exciting. I got cast in this when I was 17.

Shawn Ashmore: “Bobby’s back.”

Bishop makes an appearance in #dofp!

There is not enough space on the tables to fit everyone. Crazy.

When asked what other X-Men the cast members could play, J Law said, “Well, I can play all of them”. Love her.

Gambit question comes up. Singer: “All options are open.”

Bryan Singer: Peter Dinklage looks like my father.

Dinklage: That handsome. Ladies?

EVERYONE WANTS A WOLVERINE MUSICAL YOU GUYS. MAKE IT HAPPEN. [Jackman sings, “I’m gonna slice’em! I’m gonna dice’em!”]

Hugh Jackman said he cosplayed in his full costume as wolverine this morning and no one stopped him. Crazy. [Is he kidding? He’s got to be kidding. There’s no way!]

Patrick Stewart wants to play a female X-Men character so he can win an Academy Award. Lolz.

X-Men get a standing ovation!

DAYS OF FUTURE PAST has HUGE potential. I really hope it all comes out as good as this clip looked.

[via @ErikDavis] Last shot of X-MEN: DOFP footage: old Prof X staring into young Prof X: “Please, we need you to hope again.” I dig it.



[This concludes our live blog of the FOX panel. So no X-Force news or anything like that, but the entire cast of Days of Future Past? That’s pretty frickin’ awesome! Stay tuned for the Marvel panel!]


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