[Editor’s Note: Whew! And just like that, once the Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures panel concluded it’s on to Lionsgate! They’re bringing I, Frankenstein and the next installment of The Hunger Games, Catching Fire. Let’s get to Manny’s live commentary!]

[UPDATE: This panel has now concluded. Thanks for following the live blog! Hit the jump for original live commentary. Then, stick with Nerd Bastards for more SDCC coverage, including more Hall H live blogs of both the FOX and Marvel Studios panel.]

Ready to go! Lionsgate!

Trailer for YOU’RE NEXT is up first. Keep that buzz going.

Dave Karger of Fandango is hosting this panel.



I, FRANKENSTEIN, based on the graphic novel. A modern day take.

Writer/director Stuart Beattie, Kevin Grevioux (writer of the graphic novel), Yvonne Strahovski and Aaron Eckhart on stage.

This Frankenstein is seemingly immortal and gets stuck in a war between gargoyles and demons.

I, FRANKENSTEIN will be in 3-D (post-converted) and features kali stick fighting. 3-D STICKS IN YO FACE.

Still about five months away from completion

I, FRANKENSTEIN opens January 2014. Looks like Bill Nighy and Jai Courtney also show up.

Beattie wanted to find different kinds of action “no car chases or shootouts”.

Kevin Grevioux has the voice of God. Suck it Morgan Freeman.

Aaron Eckhart is ripped!

I, Frankenstein is VERY Underworld-y. In basically every way. So take that as you will. [I take it as, unoriginal.]

I haven’t seen any of the Underworld movies and UNDERWORLD: GARGOYLES will continue that trend.

Guy wearing a ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY WALK INTO HALL H tee gets more of a reaction than anything in UNDERWORLD: GARGOYLES thus far.



Okay. Quarter Quell time.

First time Hunger Games cast will be on stage!

Director Francis Lawrence along with Willow Shields, Lenny Kravitz, Jenna Malone, Jeffrey Wright, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, and J LAAAWW [Jennifer Lawrence, duh.]


Liam Hemsworth got lots of girls pregnant when he walked in. He’s bearded and buff now.

Liam Hemsworth talks getting whipped for three days, “it was good fun”.


New trailer features great footage of all the new Victors, along with the oncoming struggles within Panem.

Stanley Tucci is back grinning crazily and the Mockingjay dress is a highlight.

Jena Malone felt that working in Hunger Games was like “a golden ticket”.

I love how J Law undercuts everything with genuine humor and sincerity. She’s a gem.

Josh and J Law talking snot wobbly slobber strings in response to the hotness of kissing scenes. Ew, gross but hilarious.

Wedding dresses were difficult, Jennifer Lawrence mentions, referring to her Oscar slip up. Circumference of 5 feet.

Adorable fan asks about Jennifer finding out about being cast in the film. Mentions how different her life became because of it.

Jennifer Lawrence’s most difficult stunt “basic running and not trying to hit myself in the face with my bow”. [J Law, ladies and gentlemen.]

J Law: Biggest difference between studio movies and indies? “Better food and bigger trailers”.

“No, there was no diet.” – Jennifer Lawrence

Lenny Kravtiz, “Seven and eight year olds come up to me and want to meet Cinna and don’t know me. Its a great opportunity.”

Liam Hemsworth’s biceps are the size of Josh Hutcherson’s head. I can’t. [OH MY!]

THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE opens 11/22/2013. #celebrateyourvictors


[This concludes our live blog of Lionsgate panel. Stay tuned for the mysterious FOX panel, and the highly anticipated MARVEL STUDIOS panel!]


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