[Editor’s Note: At this very moment, Manny Lozano, one of our embedded reporters, is getting comfortable in Hall H preparing to live blog the Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures panel in where they’ll be previewing Godzilla, Seventh Son, 300: Rise of an Empire, The LEGO Movie, and Edge of Tomorrow. We’ve already had a taste of Godzilla with Manny’s report from the Godzilla Encounter, and we’ve seen trailers for Seventh Son and The LEGO Movie. We’re not entirely sure just who’ll be appearing on the panel, but I know Manny will let us know the minute things start. For more info on the panel, here’s a link to the official SDCC schedule. Once the panel starts, keep refreshing for updates.]

[UPDATE: This panel has since concluded. Hit the jump to view the original live blog commentary. Thanks for tuning in! Coming soon, the live blog of Lionsgate’s Hall H panel.]



The @nerdist will be hosting this panel! Yay!


Jeff Bridges up first for THE SEVENTH SON.

Jeff Bridges is into myth, guys. Chock full o’myth.

Starting with a clip!

This seems to just be a slightly different version of the trailer, with some new footage added w/a woodland troll monster and a cliff dive.

Juilanne Moore and Charlize Theron as dueling witch drag queens please.

SEVENTH SON releases 1/17/14. Looks fun, for fans of darker fantasy akin to SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN.

Kit Harington, Ben Barnes, director Sergi Bodrov and Antje Traue. [I assume this means they’re arriving on stage now.]

Antje played Faora in MAN OF STEEL, she appreciated the beautiful costumes and sets in this film in contrast to the former.

Ben Barnes has a sweet leather jacket on with very nicely disheveled hair. #dreamy

“Good old fashioned good vs evil” says Barnes.

Kit Harington plays Jeff Bridges’ apprentice in the film. He says “he’s good but not good enough”. His character still knows nothing.

Bridges appreciated the physical action in spite of his age, and calls acting “advanced pretend”.

Bodrov discusses blend of CG and practical effects. Can’t tell if he’s unintelligible because of accent or a bad mic?

Bodrov emphasizes getting emotion out of characters is more important than effects. [Here, here!]

Antje says that her “feathery” dress complicated her fighting more than the fighting itself.

Ben Barnes’ jacket and scruff would lead me to believe he’s gunning for Garrett Hedlund’s part in the next TRON. #losttrackoftime

As I’ve said before, @nerdist is perhaps the ideal host for these panels. Funny, engaging, and keeps the conversation going. [Who doesn’t love Chris Hardwick, amirite?]

Bridges’ is sharing a quote of Matheson, “If only it were so simple… but the line dividing good and evil cuts through every human being.”

I believe the quote was from author Richard Matheson. Bridges used it to place the emphasis on story above all.

The myth of the Seventh Son comes from Gaelic myth. Good to know. Segment one complete!





Introducing the panel with last year’s proof of concept trailer from last year’s panel.

Gareth Edwards, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Eilzabeth Olsen and Bryan Cranston on stage!

Edwards said they finished two days ago. Came straight from shooting just to do #sdcc

Edwards lauds working with Legendary and appreciates the creative freedom and good will.

Elizabeth Olsen said in spite of the film’s scale, it still retained the spirit of an independent film.

Johnson says that Edwards brings an intimacy to films he liked. Also Aaron Johnson has HUGE GUNS.

Cranston says that Godzilla was his favorite because he was unapologetic about his destruction but was initially unsure because of the scope.

Cranston said that Edwards’ previous film MONSTERS, convinced him because of how that film balanced character and action.

Edwards took a while to put together the story to make sure the characters would naturally fit together in the situation.

When crossing the border into Canada, the US immigration told him [Edwards] “don’t fuck it up, man”.

Edwards worked with people from Toho to made sure it reflected the spirit of the original films.

Bryan Cranston doing the pre-viz robot. Tumblr, get on it.

OH SHIT YOU GUYS. The action is huge and has more effective scale than PACIFIC RIM.


GODZILLA seems to take a CONTAGION approach to the monster movie, looking at the kaiju even from a global scale.

The clip features an incredible fight scene set at an airport with Godzilla’s foot being larger than one of the planes. [HOLY SHIT THAT’S HUGE!]


It seems like this next clip is something from the LONG awaited WORLD OF WARCRAFT film, straight from BLIZZARD entertainment! [It is!]

Director Duncan Jones of Moon and Source Code is helming the film, simply called WARCRAFT.

The clip featured an Alliance knight taking on an Ogre in a desolate battlefield.

More info on the film by tweeting #askwarcraft or visiting Legendary’s fb page.


300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE is next.


A good chunky piece is next! [I think he means a clip.]

Rodrigo Santoro, Eva Green, Sullivan Stapleton and director Noam Murro on stage.

The clip seems to set up the film as a sequel and prequel, understanding Xeres’ backstory and the aftermath of Thermopolye are central.

Green says that Artemisia, the commander of the Persian navy, is a “ruthless Joan of Arc”.

Green’s character is “thirsty for vengeance” and it’s what drives her to influence Xerxes in the film.

Stapleton says that his character is a “leader in a denim skirt”.

Noam mentions that working with Zack Snyder, who produced this film, was “the ultimate collaboration”.

300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE is completed in shooting, but is still being polished.

The film is almost all CGI, but the boat hulls were practical and built on gimbals, along with some sets. “So much green” says Noam.

Burrow says the film has the “DNA of 300” but since most of it takes place on water, things had to change stylistically.

300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE opens 3/7/2014.




Alfonso Cuaron on stage.

Cuaron outlines that GRAVITY only has Sandra Bullock and George Clooney the entire time. “A nonstop ride” he calls it.

Cuaron explains that though there is an explosion noise in the trailer, there is no noise in space. #science

SANDRA BULLOCK on stage! Along with producer David Heyman.

The clip features the long takes Cuaron is known for from CHILDREN OF MEN.

The central accident in the trailer and the film seems to come from satellite debris that hits a space shuttle where our characters are.

Its long slow silences with no bombastic sound effects. Things break up and fall apart. Its terrifying and intense. [Wow. For knowing absolutely nothing about this flick, it’s now all I want to hear about!]

Cuaron explains that filming involved the actors insulated in cubes and that there was a “mathematical approach” to filming.

A rotating camera rig was created for the film to mimic zero gravity. It moved around oscillating cubes that the actors worked in.

Sandra talks about working with the Vomit Comet and facing her fear of flying. Once she did that, everything else was okay.

Sandra says the process of filming in the cube taught her to meditate. All communication was through headphones.

By the way GRAVITY opens 10/4/2013.

Sandra did six months of training prior to the film as well as during the film and made her look androgynous to reflect the char state.

Heyman says that Cuaron “knows no fear” and is “the best kind of pain in the ass” because he never settles.

Inspirations for GRAVITY: Spielberg’s THE DUEL, VANISHING POINT, but wanted that emotional journey.

Cuaron says that his shots are complicated because the people he works with make it great. He relies on his actors to make things truthful.




Phil Lord and Chris Miller on stage, along with animation directors.

Lord said he drew inspiration from many online LEGO fan films. Miller says it’s a CGI/LEGO hybrid.

Phil Lord looks like a young Elvis Costello. He could get it.

LEGO MOVIE. So much fun! Clip featured LEGO “auditions”. Hilarious!

New voices in THE LEGO MOVIE. Along with Channing Tatum as Superman and Jonah Hill as Green Lantern and Cobie Smulders as Wonder Woman!

Fan building contests were incorporated into the film and it’s ALL LEGO ALL THE TIME. Water, explosions, EVERYTHING.

Phil Lord said that LEGO in Denmark worked closely with them to make the film unique and special.

Phil Lord describes his career to a Clone High fan as “a series of hilarious misunderstandings”.

Chris Miller’s mom sent his original LEGO space set to include in the film.

The big difference is that this film is ALL LEGO, where previous LEGO series (Ninjago, etc) “cheat” with CG. [This is the best things I’ve heard about this movie. Hell yeah, stop motion animation!]

THE LEGO MOVIE opens 2/7/2014.



Last, EDGE OF TOMORROW/ALL YOU NEED IS KILL. once the folks get here. [Y’know, whatever they’re calling it now.]

TOM FUCKING CRUISE Y’ALL. Also Emily Blunt and director Doug Liman along with Chris McQuarrie.

Tom Cruise and @nerdist singing “I Wanna Know What Love Is” to each other as Stacey Jaxx! Bromancetacular. [If you don’t know why, Google it, but holy fuck do I want video of that!]

Tom Cruise says footage!

EDGE OF TOMORROW opens 6/6/2014.

Plot: Cruise’s character learns he can repeat the day on the edge of a critical battle during an alien invasion. Groundhog Day meets… war stuff?

Emily Blunt learned Krav Maga for the film and had to do lots of warming up to wear the very heavy exosuits of the film.

Cruise wanted to work with Liman, along with the script by McQuarrie, and wanted to delve beyond an “alien invasion trope.”

Bill Paxton, who is in the house, is being brought on stage!

The author of the book ALL YOU NEED IS KILL on which the film is based, is also in the house.

Paxton says [at Cruise’s urging] “GAME OVER MAN” and everyone loses it! [PRICELESS!]

Cruise’s character is a PR guy who ends up getting involved in the war by accident and has to get into the thick of things.

Tom called McQuarrie: McQ. I kind of love it.

Cruise: “I just want to entertain you all”. This is a movie star, folks.

DANG. Tom’s exosuit was between 100-120lbs depending on the rig! Crazy.

Tom Cruise just made @nerdist life! ALL OF THE FEELS YOU GUYS.


Zack Synder coming out! Perhaps about this morning’s WORLD’S FINEST news?

Harry Lennox on stage to help with the announcement. [What the hell could this be!?]


With a killer monologue from lennox and a logo, Zack Synder brings Hall H to its feet. #worldsfinest


[Wow, guys, wow. Was that intense or what!? World’s Finest is really fuckin’ happening! (More on that here.) This concludes our live blog while we all go and collect our brains which have since exploded all over the Nerd Bastards’ offices. We’ll be back shortly with our live blog of Liongate’s Hall H panel.]


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