Celebrities don’t always walk the San Diego Comic Con convention floor (for obvious reasons), but when they do, none are as cool as Mythbusters Adam Savage.

Famous people are just that, famous. It’s nearly impossible for them to enjoy SDCC like you or I, else they get swarmed for photos and autographs and the occasional “I wanna make your  baby”. The only way a person of interest can take in the sights of the show floor in a reasonable sense , is if they go…incognito. Many celebs dress up in costume just like the rest of the Cosplayers. Wearing masks, their identity is concealed and they can walk around just like a regular person. Now, Adam Savage on the other hand, took it to a whole other level!

The Mythbuster, who has a penchant for Sci-Fi, attended SDCC on Thursday dressing up in his Regal Admiral Ackbar costume. The screen accurate make-up was crafted by SyFy’s Face-Off contestant Frank Ippolito. I thought concealing a ginger of such nerd decree would be impossible, but Frank and Adam pulled it off. Impressive!


You can check out the making of Adam’s Ackbar costume on Tested.

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