There’s no denying the celebrity presence at San Diego Comic Con plays a huge role in making the convention one of the most exciting and popular conventions in the country. Thousands upon thousands of fans come to Comic Con hoping for that brief celebrity encounter or unbelievable event to have witnessed, that makes their Comic Con experience one to remember. Here are videos starring arguably two of Comic Con’s biggest celebrities, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. They offer us, the poor schmoes at home this weekend, a taste of the Comic Con happenings, but they’ll never compare to actually bumping into Bart Simpson on the showroom floor only to later realize it was Matt Smith, or sitting in Hall H when Karen Gillan whipped off her wig to reveal she’s gone totally bald for her role in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. But still, you wan to seem ’em, right? Hit the jump to watch!

Here’s an even better look at bald Karen,


And hey, what’s up with both Matt and Karen being bald? I mean, yeah Matt’s hair is beginning to grow back, but how weird that both The Doctor and his most beloved companion shaved their heads in the same summer?

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