Orci Owed Call By Quinto About ‘Trek 3’ Inside Info


So remember when Zachary Quinto told everybody that Star Trek 3 would probably be shooting sometime next year and that J.J. Abrams would likely be back at the helm if it can possibly be helped. This despite the fact that Star Trek Into Darkness has barely been released with mixed reviews and less than stellar box office, and, oh yes, Abrams is currently prepping his next film, a little thing called Star Wars Episode VII.

Another person confused by all this is Roberto Orci. And if he’s out of the loop, it’s no big deal, he’s only been a co-writer/co-producer on both previous Trek films. Orci, while talking to Zap2It at Comic Con this past weekend, shared his surprise at Quinto’s news and wants to know what Mr Spock supposedly knows on the subject of Star Trek 3.

“I’d love to have J.J. back. We’re still talking to Paramount about what the scheduling might be and if we can all do it together again, but yeah I read that too and I was like, ‘Whoa, does [Quinto] know something I don’t? I’d better call him.’ He owes me a call.”

You heard the man, Zack. Call him! In fact, call us to. Nerd Bastards would love an exclusive.

More news as it develops.

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