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And now, for a small but (for some) important bit of super hero film news, it looks like we have the official word on which version of Ant-Man we should expect to see come the movie’s 2015 release.  If you don’t know anything about the character, or just don’t care, you may leave now.  For the rest of us – according to the film’s writer, Edgar Wright, his script will indeed be using the Hank Pym version of the classic super hero.

With the script already complete and casting due to be dealt with by the end of the year, we even still have a little time to do some fan-casting!  What about the Nerd Readers out there?  Who would be your Dream Pym?

Ant-Man, complete with more Hank Pym, is due for theaters come November 6th, 2015.


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

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