Cynical Comic Con Goer Sums Up Experience With One Vulgar Word


If you’ve ever been to San Diego Comic Con, you know just how unspeakably amazing the whole shindig is. It’s a perfect circle of people you always want to hang out with. A plethora of places to go and things to see. Simply put, Comic-Con is your haven. Your heaven. Your home. Oh, and the Cosplayers walking around it little to no clothing is a sight to behold (giggity!). On the flip-side, however, it can be an equally miserable experience. The un-godly amount of people – most of which don’t shower during their convention stay. The overpriced food – $4.00 for a Coke is ridiculous. By far the worst, are the long lines. Waiting 4+ hours to get into a hall you might not even gain entry to is so stupid and totally not worth it. Especially when all panels and trailers you’ve waited hours for end up online later that evening. Suffice to say, the con going experience tests your patience and humanity.

Greg Benson from Mediocre Films feels the pain and fury that Comic Con evokes in his video titled “Fucking Comic Con!”

That was fucking awesome! I especially love the ending. Now matter how cynical and miserable you are, you can’t avoid post con depression. Coping with ‘it’s over?” is the fucking worst.

Source: Blastr

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