Last week Felicity Jones made mention of the Green Goblin appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 when she said she was playing the, “Goblin’s girlfriend.” Not an enviable title, I’ll admit, but she was likely referring to a possible relationship her character has with Harry Osborn (Dane Dehaan), who we all know – at least I hope you do, otherwise SPOILER – eventually becomes the Green Goblin.

But this is all news to producer, Avid Arad. At San Diego Comic Con, I Am Rogue grabbed Arad for an interview and asked if there’s any truth to these rumors of the Green Goblin showing up in The Amazing Spider-Man sequel. Here’s what he had to say on the matter,

I think at this point, at this movie, we are not addressing it yet. She meets some of the players because she works for Oscorp and there’s no — I think she likes Harry, I think she cares for him, I think Harry is interested in models. I think whatever was in print out there really doesn’t represent what you’ll see in the movie or what you’ll see sometime in the future.

Soo… no Green Goblin. And no Green Goblin, ever? Seems that way. Was Jones jumping to the same conclusion many of us have that the inclusion of Harry Osborn automatically means he becomes the Green Goblin? Possibly, or she’s just confused about what’s really happening in this movie. Maybe she should read through that script one more time.

OR, Arad is trying to cover her slip-up and the appearance of the Green Goblin was supposed to be a big ‘ole secret? I mean, it’d make sense for him to show up at some point, what with Gwen Stacy being in this franchise and all.

You can check out video of the interview below the cut, but what do you Bastards think? Confused actress or top-secret cover-up?

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