Titus Welliver, a fixture of Sci-Fi and drama TV and cinema known best for his role as the “Smoke Monster” in Lost, has been confirmed–according to Deadline–as the newest human addition to the Transformers 4 cast.

Welliver has carved out a niche playing badasses and military types in TV shows and movies like Red 2, Argo, Man On A Ledge, Gone Baby Gone, Grimm, CSI, Sons Of Anarchy, Deadwood….He even played the Horseman of War on Supernatural (credentials don’t get much more badass than that).

It has yet to be revealed what character Welliver will be playing. Other than a few looks at some of the vehicles that will appear in the film, T4 has been rather secretive concerning details of its plot.

If its cast is any indication, Transformers 4 may not suck quite as much ass as we’ve come to expect. Along with Welliver, the sequel will feature Kelsey Grammer, Stanley Tucci, Mark Wahlberg,  Chinese starlet Li Bingbing, and critically acclaimed newcomer Jack Reynor.

Transformers 4 is due in theaters June 27, 2014. Until then, enjoy this video of Titus Welliver in Lost from SDCC 2011:
Source: Cinemablend

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