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ABOVE: Victorian inspired Harley Quinn.  Reminds me a bit of Mad Moxxi from Borderlands.  [GeeksAreSexy]


Incredible Replica Holophonor from Futurama by Volpin Props. Sadly, it’s not for sale. Just a fan built piece for display and envy purposes.


Man hacks NES Contra game to propose to his girlfriend. Yeah, ’cause nothing says “I Love You” more than blowing away alien scum [Geekologie]


Here’s something you never knew you wanted, a derp Doctor Doom hoodie [FashionablyGeek]


TARDIS with gemstones [CustomMade]


Miss Sinister Cosplay gender swaps Street Fighters Sagat and does it well. She looks like she can kick some major balls.


Mario Warp-Pipe cat complex. I wonder if when the box is smashed, this pussy gets a catnip power up.  [Kotaku]


Captain America cycling pants. Sure “cycling pants”. [GeekAlerts]

Siri is the worst dungeon master. In fact, she’s a real dick.  [Dorkly]

Every year, Deadpool vs. Comic-Con. he bumps, grinds, shakes, rattles and roll. Generally, he just acts obnoxious to his fellow cosplayers. Would you expect anything less? [D Piddy]

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