The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special. Never before has one program garnered so much suspicion, speculation, and rumor. At one point every former, living Doctor was returning, next every Doctor would be CGI’d, then it became simply no “Classic Doctors” will appear. This constant rumor mongering is fueled by fans’ desire to see their favorite Doctor in action again, but every once in a while a source pipes up with something that could actually come true.

That’s the way of it with this latest murmuring the Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann, may have indeed filmed something for the 50th anniversary. Ever since the not-quite-good-enough-to-earn-a-season-order 1996 TV movie, McGann’s continued the adventures of the Eighth Doctor in Big Finish’s audio dramas. Above you can see his updated, less Edwardian, and decidedly more Nine-ish look, from his latest audio adventure, Dark Eyes.

Bleeding Cool is also reporting they received a tip a 50th anniversary, prequel mini-sode has been filmed. This little mini-sode would contain the regeneration from McGann to John Hurt’s Doctor. And remember how we all began suspecting Hurt was playing some kind of Doctor because his outfit looked like an amalgamation of Eight and Nine’s? Yeah… s’all coming together now.

The Eighth Doctor’s recent wardrobe change for the audio drama covers is making more sense. The Doctor ditches most of the Edwardian dress, but keeps the waistcoat, and adds the leather jacket. Then he regenerates and we’ve got John Hurt running around, doing something despicable during the Time War, and wearing the waist coat/leather jacket ensemble because IT’S WAR! You don’t have time to change outfits! During the Time War, Hurt regenerates into Nine, who keeps the leather jacket because it’s what’s best suited for his dark and moody soul. What do you think? Could I have nailed it?

Yes, it’s directionless speculation, but if it means a return for McGann as The Doctor, in a some visual capacity, I’m all for it. Speaking of the anniversary special, BBC announced the special will broadcast around the world simultaneously on November 23rd,

It’s always been our ambition to work with our broadcast partners so that international Doctor Who fans can enjoy the 50th Anniversary special at the same time as the UK. We’ll have more details soon about our very exciting global plans for November.

So, an 8pm screening in the U.K. means a 3pm show time in the U.S. for the east coast, and a 12pm showing for the west coast. Not so bad, but it’s worse for Australians who’d have a 6am show time to look forward to, eek! But for Whovians, any time is the right time for the 50th anniversary special.

Still months to go before November, but maybe we’ll see that prequel minisode beforehand? If it happened at all. Do you think it did?

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  • linimalD

    I really hope this is true. McGann is a great Doctor, but most new fans scarcely know he exists. He totally deserves the recognition.

    As for the other, I live in New Zealand, so bugger, an early Sunday morning. But of course I’ll do it for DW 😉

  • DoctorDodge

    “Above you can see his updated, less Edwardian, and decidedly more Nine-ish look, from his latest audio adventure, Dark Eyes. It’s set to release in November.”

    Actually, Dark Eyes was released last November, and quite the epic story it is, too. It’s a great starting point to a new era in the 8th Doctor.

    Oh, and while this IS rumour…as someone who actually became a fan of Doctor Who mostly because of McGann’s excellent performance in the 96 movie, you have no idea how much I hope this to be true. Not that I don’t enjoy the excellent series of audio adventures, many being possibly better than a lot of the best of the new series, but not having a regeneration for McGann’s Doctor has always been a particular peeve of mine. I’d like to finally see the end of his Doctor and finally be given closure to that chapter of the Doctor’s life. As long as it’s written well, at least.

    • sarahthisis

      Whoops! Thanks, helps if I look at the year not simply the month.

      I’ve got to check it out, I haven’t been following the audio adventures as much since the show came back to TV. I left off when he was still traveling with Charley.

      • DoctorDodge

        Dark Eyes does continue directly off the season 4 finale To The Death, but you don’t really need to listen to it to get Dark Eyes. (Although To The Death IS one of the darkest, most brutal and greatest Dalek stories ever, it definitely helps to have listened to all the 8 and Lucie adventures for the full payoff.) Like the Ninth Doctor in series 1, all you need to know is that the Doctor is miserable and at a very dark place in his life (even darker than Eccleston was when we saw him, at times), and that he needs a new companion. Definitely worth a listen, especially as Dark Eyes 2 is out later this year.

        And let’s be honest, Paul McGann looks badass in that outfit! 😀

  • Susan Moran

    This would be awesome and what I’ve been waiting for since they brought Doctor Who back, a regeneration sequence for Paul McGann! I like the speculation you’ve done on the audio drama photo, makes sense to me.

  • JS1138

    Your theory about Hurt’s Doctor jives a lot with my own. My thoughts are that Eight was involved in time Time War and had to use “The Moment” to end it all, but something happened and he needed to regenerate. But, I think he let it happen just enough to finish the job (Hurt’s Doctor) and then fully regenerates into Nine once he’s ended it.