Good news, nobody! FilmEngine and Benderspink planning on rebooting 2004’s The Butterfly Effect. That’s right, just a short nine years after the Ashton Kutcher vehicle failed with critics (33% on Rotten Tomatoes) is more than enough time for the idea bankrupt state of Hollywood return to that well.

Variety is reporting that the afore mentioned production companies (who were also responsible for the first one) and one of the original screenwriters will, Eric Bress, will return once again to treat us to their tenuous grasp of chaos theory and time travel paradoxes.

If you haven’t seen the original, it’s about a boy (Kutcher) who becomes a man that invents time travel, attempts to right wrongs in the past and completely screws everything up. Eventually after that plot piece is retread a few times throughout the movie, you fall asleep on your couch and wake up to see it punches out with a crappy happy ending.

The one saving grace this reboot could have is if the alternate ending is used where the main character travels back to when he was still in utero to commit suicide before he is even born!

Oh, yea… nine year old spoiler alert. Anyway, the movie is actually based around a decent enough sci-fi idea and in all honesty probably isn’t as bad as I remember it. Maybe this reboot could correct a past Kutcher caused wrong?


Source: Variety


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