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ABOVE: One of our favorite cosplayers IvyDoomkitty  is honoring her namesake by dressing as our lord and savior Doctor Doom. Do you think she refers to her boobs as Doom Bots 1 & 2? [CBM]


Be crafty with The Force and make  your own Death Star vase and Stormtrooper hooks. It’s a good thing.  [BuzzFeed]


Hot Toys does The Crow. Why? Well, Hot Topic has to stay in business, don’t they? [ToplessRobot]


I never realized what perverts those little yellow nugget men from Despicable Me were. Maybe he’s smirking ’cause she’s hiding a banana in her pants? [ThatsNerdalicious]


Superhero tan lines, by Australian illustrator Mike Jacobsen. Why would Batman have a tan lines? He only goes out at night… [TheMarySue]


Superman leather jacket. The “S” on the chest stands for “Super Virgin”. [FashionablyGeek]

Tom Hiddleston acts out the plot of Thor 2 with action figures. Lots of smashy smashy.  [NerdApproved]

Street Fighter: Church Editon. HALLELUJAHOUKEN! [Dorkly]

Zelda’s “Lost Woods” on accordion… on a unicycle… in the woods. Yeah, your argument is invalid. [ObviousWinner]

Everything wrong with Men in Black 3 in 6 minutes or less. [CinemaSins]

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