With a release date sometime in the summer of 2015, production on Star Wars: Episode VII must begin sooner than later. But I’ll admit tomorrow was sooner than I imagined. At least, that is if this latest rumor dug up by Jedi News is to be believed. They claim to have learned not only of the production start date, but also the new trilogy’s production alias. Where the original trilogy filmed under the code name “Blue Harvest” and the prequels under “JAK”, this time the new Star Wars trilogy will film under the name, “Foodles.”

Yes, “Foodles.” Apparently, not to be confused with Disney’s line of healthy snack packs of the same name. And speaking of Disney, since they’re running this show, it’s been revealed they’ve booked the famous Pinewood Studios for the next 10 years! It’s assumed this isn’t all for Star Wars, but also for that other box office behemoth, Marvel, as well as various other projects.

With absolutely no casting announcements – or hell, even credible rumors! – I’m a little leery of believing an August start date for filming. Though, as Bleeding Cool’s Brendon Connelly points out, pre-production has been underway for sometime now. Maybe it is true?

What are you Bastards thinking? Are we just days away from the start of filming for Episode VII? Are they honestly using “Foodles” as their secret production codename!?

Source: Bleeding Cool

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