Fans of the CW series Arrow were happy to learn that Season 2 would a have bit more “speed” with the addition of The Flash. Originally thought by many of us to only appear on Arrow before moving to his own show, Barry Allen, the second Flash, will be around a bit longer than one episode in Starling City.

Being the first actual hero introduced with powers, starting Arrow‘s trend of moving away from the “no superpowers” formula, writers Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns revealed Allen will appear in several episodes of the second season. The duo revealed that Barry, sans costume, will be appearing in both the 8th and 9th episodes of the season, with episode 20 slated as the “backdoor pilot” introducing The Flash in costume. With all the tweaks and changes Arrow has made to make the show more relatable does this mean the “speed force” of Allen is simply some expensive piece of technology? Absolutely not.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Andrew confirmed the return of the red and yellow blur in full costume, but keeping him “human” and “grounded” in the world already set in Season 1. Kreisberg also let readers in on the finer details of adapting the Justice League member for television.

When we first meet Barry Allen, he’s just a forensic scientist … an ordinary man. Part of the fun for the audience … is to see how we view our Arrow take on the Flash legacy. Some of it will feel very familiar to DC Comics, some of it hopefully will feel different, fresh and exciting. The same way we approached Arrow is the same way we’re approaching Barry.

The fact he has superpowers, there’s something more relatable about Barry among the Big Seven of the Justice League. He got his powers by accident; he’s not a god, he’s not an alien … his reactions to that feel very … human and grounded.

It’s nice to hear that they’ll be keeping everything that makes The Flash who he is, but have they learned from the failed series of the 90s? The CBS series never really got off and was unable to survive a first season, surely CW did the their homework and learned from the past. As to whether or not it’ll pay off remains to be seen, but if they can give it that same tone of Arrow while keeping the charm of the comic book character they’ll have another successful show on their hands.

Casting is still underway, but what do you think about all this? Is three episodes too much of a good thing or is it better than a “one and done” appearance?

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