‘Mummy’ Reboot Loses it’s Director

the mummy

Universal has been looking at putting forth yet another version of the old classic horror monster, the Mummy, the latest in a long tradition of Hollywood attempting to make new money from old products.  It’s gone through a couple of incarnations in the form of multiple scripts and now it looks as if the project will need a new director as well.

Len Wiseman was set to direct the reboot, but has now gone bye-bye, instead choosing to focus on his upcoming Sleepy Hollow series.  This has caused a bit of chaos, of course, since the plan was to release the new Mummy sometime in 2014.  Now, if they want to keep that kind of a schedule, they’ll need a new director, and fast.

What do the Nerd Readers think?  A new “darker” Mummy movie?  Or just let the poor guy have another decade of rest?


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

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