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ABOVE: For when you need a snuggie that’s bigger on the inside (and who doesn’t, snuggies don’t offer nearly enough body coverage), there is the TARDIS Kigurumi. Basically, it’s an oversized pajama – though in America…it’s fitted.  [TVstoreonline]


Life-Size Mario statues for sale.  Yep, that’s about it.  [Geekologie]


12-foot Mech built from old truck parts. Proving, once again, that another mans junk is someone else’s  giant murderous mechanical monster. [NerdApproved]


A giant Doctor Who corn maze in England, because corn mazes are cool. [Geekologie]


Bunny Who fights Weeping Angel cake. I’m enough of a fatty that I think I could eat that whole cake before I blink.  [ThatsNerdalicious]

Excellent Pacific Rim trailer edited in classic Godzilla movie style [SlashFilm]

A young boy’s bedroom reveals the fate of some of his toys. All those poor vintage toys! [Paul Constantakis]

Star Wars Parkour. Looks like Jedi training to me. But we need some light sabers and so light saber moves in this. [ronniestreetstunts]

Video of Entry 25, presentation of Marvel Mumbai The Avengers performed at San Diego Comic Con 2013 Masquerade. [FashionablyGeek]

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