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Most people might normally feel that the idea of sending their kids off to a summer camp that is themed around The Hunger Games is a bad idea (unless you’re tired of the little tyke whining all the time, of course).  So. County Day School in Largo, Florida, however, has taken this game of childhood death and turned it into something entertaining and (mostly) safe.  They’ve made their very own Hunger Games themed game for children to enjoy.

The game starts with 20+ kids taking around a week to train up.  Then, on the final day, they get together for an hour-long tourney.  The competition doesn’t involve kids using arrows and poison to knock each other out though.  Instead, they have to pull each others’ flags as well as test their ability to think, their ability to work as a team and a few other survival skills.

In order to sanitize the games (and keep parents from rioting), kids don’t technically “kill” each other.  Instead, they “collect lives” when they pull their enemies’ flags.  It’s kinda like that horrible rendition of football that some of us were forced to go through back in Jr. High.  Either way, it still sounds like way more fun than I ever had at any school event.

The camp counselors also make it a point to let people know that the games are all about promoting teamwork and not just about letting kids fake-kill each other so that they can gloat over their enemies’ defeat for days afterwards.

For a look at the Florida Hunger Games, check out the video below:


And thanks to The Mary Sue for the heads-up.

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