Lucky Luke

We celebrate some of the finest lady cosplayers the net has to offer in our weekly Sexy Cosplay of the Week feature. We love Sexy Cosplay of the Week – it is an institution here at Nerd Bastards – but the staff thought it was about time that we did something to celebrate some of the sexiest male cosplays we could find.

So, with that in mind, we bring you this Salute to Sexy Male Cosplay, because damn it, you deserve a good dose of eye candy and these guys deserve a little bit of recognition for their awesome costumes, attention to detail, and abs that make all the guys here at Nerd Bastards feel extremely inadequate.

So enjoy the Nerd Bastards’ Salute to Sexy Male Cosplay!

Hit the jump for all the muscles and fabric you can enjoy and send your own to so we can keep doing this.

Lucky Luke2

Videros as Lucky Luke, photography by Franky-Chan

Raiden 2

Squall as Raiden, photography by Dario Germani


Javier Andres Llana as the Joker, photography by Rocio Salazar and Dohko


Dreades as Dante , photography by Obsidian creation

Ez 2

Kiyokoyu as Dante, photography by Unknown

Mugen 2
Mugen 3

Gabriel Galindez as Mugen, photography by unknown

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