No, this isn’t some nonsensical fan-wanking or a clever bit of a fan art manipulation. This is 100% the real deal. In an upcoming episode of Futurama‘s final season there will be an official crossover with Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, as teased by Comedy Central with the above image.

Fan of either series should be familiar with voice actor, John DiMaggio, the voice of both Bender “Bending” Rodriguez and Jake the Dog. I have to wonder if DiMaggio played any part in getting the two animated series to work together? And I cannot wait for to witness the meeting of Bender and Jake. Will they be friends? Enemies? Frenemies?

Either way, I’m already more invested in this crossover episode of Futurama and Adventure Time, airing this Wednesday at 10pm EST, than I ever could be about the Family Guy/Simpson‘s crossover we’ll see next year. Which are you more excited for? And what’s up with so many animated comedies turning to crossover episodes? Archer and Bob’s Burgers have already done it, who’s next?

Source: Kotaku via The Mary Sue

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