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If there’s one series that should never have stopped, it’s the Pee-Wee Herman franchise.  Okay, I speak with a slight bit of sarcasm, but there are seriously people that loved that shit.  It’s been quite a while since Pee-Wee has reared his head in the media world and Paul Reubens, having little else to do with himself these days, has been working hard to get something going.  Now, it looks like the Pee-Wee madness is about to start.

Reubens made the official announcement that the new Pee-Wee Herman movie is ready to go.  The script is done, the money is secured and the director is signed.  Unfortunately, he hasn’t said anything about who that director is.  Or pretty much anything else at all, really, aside from the fact that we should expect the new flick to begin filming next year.

That would make 2014 a booming year for the mega-fans of Pee-Wee, since it looks like they’re also putting together a new Pee-Wee TV show and that one is slotted to begin airing next year.

The Return of the Reubens is upon us folks, so prepare thyselves.


Thanks to /Film for the heads-up.

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