As you’re rockin’ out to the latest Thor: The Dark World trailer posted today, keep in mind this new declaration from Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige: they’ve got plans till 2021. That’s right, not only is the studio’s dance card full through 2015, with some previously announced slots already set for ’16 and ’17, Marvel’s looking at projects through to the end of the decade and beyond. Talk about ambition…

…And Feige did. In a recent interview with Wired.com, the studio head talked about advanced planning and how its worked for the brand so far. “I could arguably say what we’re planning for the year 2021,” says Feige. “Will that happen? I don’t know. But what we planned for 2015 in 2006 is happening.”

Not sure if Feige means they were planning general, as in to say, “Let’s make an Ant Man movie,” or more specifically like, “Let’s make an Ant Man movie and release it November 2015.”

Ever the tease Feige added that those plans don’t just mean continuing on with the characters establish thus far, but creating films based on the entire tapestry of Marvel characters at the studio’s finger tips. “Five years ago, looking at our plan, we knew that if Avengers was going to work, the movies had to stand alone,” he explains. “Now we have to prove to the studio that we’re more than just these five characters, these five franchises.”

So does that mean we’re going to get a shake-up post-Avengers: Age of Ultron? Doctor Strange? Black Panther? Daredevil? Howard the Duck? Feige’ll never tell.

More news as it develops.

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