Months ago, Lucy Lawless broached the subject that someone was interested in re-invigorating the Xena: Warrior Princess brand. Those tweets, while met with much joy, didn’t really go anywhere. As in, since then we’ve heard absolutely nothing solid about a Xena revival.

There’s no more developments so far, but Lawless has shared how she’d like to see Xena return. SPOILERS ahead for those who haven’t yet watched the end of the now 18 year old program and would rather not know how it ends. We’ll wait for you to clear out.

The finale of Xena: Warrior Princess ends with Xena getting decapitated then cremated. Bing, bang, boom. End of series, and end of the titular hero. Yes? Yes. There’s really no other way about it, she dead. But, that hasn’t stopped Lawless from imagining how it could all begin again. Speaking with New Zealand’s Stuff, she said,

In my dreams it would be that Renee [O’Connor, who played Gabrielle] and I, and Ted [Raimi], who played Joxer, would come back and basically stick Xena’s head back on her and go on a quest. At the end you introduce this new Warrior Princess, hand it over and let them run with it. So we could put the family back together, give the fans what they want, reinvigorate the brand and hand it on to a new generation.

In a world of gods, myth, and magic, why the hell not!? Mythical heroes are resurrected all the time, and handing the reins off to another kick ass woman is a sound plan, allowing the lineage of Warrior Princesses to continue. If we can’t get a woman Doctor, why not an ever-changing line of Warrior Princesses, eh?

Of course, the real problem with this comes from no one being 100% sure who holds the right to Xena. Wah-wah. But if they could, and would, is this how you’d like Xena to return?

Source: Huffington Post via Blastr

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