Yesterday we, and much of the nerd news blogosphere, reported Marvel Studios‘ president, Kevin Feige had said in an interview with Wired that Marvel has their cinematic universe mapped out through 2021. Turns out, when Feige says Marvel is, “planning for the year 2021,” that’s just what he means. They’re planning for 2021, not through 2021. Oops?

So why did we and everyone else jump the gun in assuming Feige was implying Marvel has all their movies figured out until 2021? Well, Marvel’s only shown us again and again what a well-oiled, movie-making machine they are, why couldn’t they have everything mapped out through 2021? And honestly, who’s to say they don’t!?

It’s quite possible a Doctor Strange, Black Panther, or whatever rumored Marvel movie you’ve heard about is in the planning stages right now, with the intention of pre-2021 release. That just wasn’t what Feige was saying, is all. What he is saying, is that while at the moment we’re pissing our pants in anticipation of 2015 – y’know, the year we’re expecting Avengers: Age of Ultron, Star Wars: Episode VII, and Batman vs. Superman to name a few – we should also be looking forward to 2021.

Soo… what’s Marvel got planned? Something BIG, obviously. One, two, three or more movies that year? One ginormous film, of film saga, tying together every Marvel movie from now until then? I don’t know, but I believe what /Film‘s Peter Sciretta proposes is a very good guess,

A very likely scenario if you ask me. What do you think Marvel’s planning for 2021?

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