After years of disappointment, Star Wars fans everywhere must have asked themselves at one time or another, “Exactly how much did George Lucas screw up?  Is it possible that even the first film wasn’t what it could have been?”  Well, maybe not, but we’re going to get the answer to that question regardless.  For Dark Horse Comics is about to release its adaptation of the original Star Wars screenplay.

This eight-issue series will take the script pre-Lucas’ rewrite and put it into the comic medium.  All sorts of interesting changes have been made, albeit most seem superficial.  There’s a not-half-machine Darth Vader, an alien Han Solo and an older and wiser Luke Skywalker.

Sound interesting?  Check out the trailer below for a look at some of what to expect:

And here’s a look at one page of the comic’s artwork:

star wars comic art

Fans can grab up the first issue of the new (old?) Star Wars come September 4th.


Thanks to /Film for the heads-up.

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