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Many Doctor Who aficionados may know the sad tale of a number of older Doctor Who episodes that were consumed by fire some time in the past. These supposedly being the only copies in existence, those episodes are thus lost forever. Or are they? Rumors have been popping up recently, again and again, that the BBC may have found some copies of some episodes… somewhere. And though the rumor is debunked again and again, still it persists. So what are we still talking about it?

Well, it looks like the BBC did come across a haul of lost television reels, though the only episodes they would confirm are from something called Dad’s Army. Now that can’t be the only thing they found, so some are speculating that they may be keeping it hush-hush until they can find the right timing and use the reveal of some new/old Doctor Who episodes as a marketing ploy.

I have to question whether they would see the need to keep it a secret or not. I mean, wouldn’t they want to let the world know that they’d been found? Or might they want to keep it under wraps until they could confirm the ability to restore and remaster them, lest they get people’s hopes up for no reason?

Sorry, but the rumor remains a rumor and, until we hear otherwise, the lost episodes remain lost.


Thanks to Blastr for the heads-up.

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